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Servery Solutions

For Schools, Restaurants and Staff Canteens

FleXikart Features and Benefits

Wide range of units

Flexikart offer a choice of 26 units and these can be combined to meet the needs of even the most demanding school and staff restaurants

Strong durable and stylish construction

Children are boisterous and enjoy life, never more so than when they are all having lunch together! As well as being insulated to guard against accidental injury, the Flexikart modules are made of steel and built to withstand the rigours of school life from primary to secondary

Choice of colours

Encouraging the children and all of us to eat healthy meals is a chore; brightgening up the experience is one way to do this - whether it is school or corporate colours or a theme, the Flexikart fascia panles can be coloured to your requirements

Accessorize away

With heated gantries and a range of tray slides as well as corner infill sections, Flexikart gives you the chance to put the finishing touches to your servery

Corsair Engineering

Company Profile Corsair has a long and proud history of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to caterers throughout the UK. Based in Banbury, the heart of the Midlands, Corsair is a genuine British manufacturer. Renowned for its food transportation systems which have been developed alongside caterers over many years, Corsair has broadened its fabrication offering to include servery counters, mobile serveries, and full-system extract and ventilation solutions under its Vortex brand – all aimed at the commercial catering sectors.

Proven Reputation

Corsair’s products are used daily in restaurants, staff canteens, schools, universities and hospitals and also in one of the most demanding catering environments possible – Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Corsair’s Stirling Prison Trolleys daily transport in excess of 80,000 meals through the corridors of British Prisons.

Trade Bodies and Accreditation Through its CESA and ISO accreditations, and memberships of CEDABOND and ENSE, Corsair has proven itself to be a worthy partner in projects from the simplest to the most complex

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Corsair Engineering Ltd
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Telephone: 01295 267021

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